• 1

    23 days till Christmas...

    With Rudolf’s nose so bright

    Delivering lots of toys

    Dashing in the night

    For swing girls and swing boys

    Welcome everybody to this astounding swing advent calendar.

    Hope you'll enjoy it :)

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  • 2

    Winter in Winterfell.

    'Winter is coming'

    Once said Robb Stark.

    'Night will be long,

    creepy and dark.'

    No worries my lord,

    There's still for us chance.

    We'll fight the winter

    With Lindy Hop dance.

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  • 3

    So a chipmunk walk into a bar...

    You remember those cartoons

    From days of your youth

    They were so funny,

    Pretty and cute.

    Those days are gone -

    You're now dancing swing.

    But on Christmas Eve

    Those chipmunks will sing.

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  • 4

    Let it go, let it gooooo

    All lakes are frozen

    And they're flat like glass.

    But you don't need ice

    To fall on your ass.

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  • 5

    Today's Tongue Twisters

    Szarp pan bas!

    Bo jak pan nie szarpie –

    Krew się w nas

    Sączy zimnym karpiem.

    Rwij pan bas!

    Aż wyrzężę, że już pas.

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  • 6

    All that Jazz

    Do you have such song

    That sticks to your head

    But you don't remember the words

    So you wish to be dead?

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  • 7

    Next concert - Bethlehem

    Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar;

    Three Kings that came from far away,

    They were Three Wise Men out of the East,

    And they travelled by night and play swing by day,

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  • 8

    In galaxy far, far, away ...

    Some people think that dancers are born

    That they come from wombs in ties and hats.

    But here is a proof that this not true

    And they not always were well dressed cats.

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  • 9

    And what do you want for Christmas?

    Some people want shoes,

    Others want car

    But I want for Christmas

    Nice playing guitar.

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  • 10

    That was very strange egg nog

    Even if it's Christmas

    Please don't forget

    That not always what you wish for

    Is what you will get.

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  • 11

    I wonder where is the bag with presents

    Red dress, suprises and beatiful smile,

    Those things remind about Xmas as I know

    But maybe its time for someone new

    To be next star of Christmas Eve show.

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  • 12

    Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou

    Those are not Sisters,

    And this is not Bing,

    But nevertheless

    They really can sing

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  • 13

    Oh sweet and lovely lady be good

    It's chill and cold,

    As usual in December

    So here's something from summer

    For you to remember.

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  • 14

    Swing will change you brother!

    Christmas is coming,

    Dear swing sister and brother.

    But That doesn't mean it's the only time

    to be nice to each other.

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  • 15

    Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

    Santa tried horses,

    some mules, a kangaroo

    But the best were reindeers

    And they were the tastiest, too.

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  • 16

    That short guy from the Rat Pack.

    At Christmas Eve table

    There's always one more place

    So invite someone interesting

    Like Sammy Davis Jr and his face

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  • 17

    Gotta Dance

    Even if there is snow

    And your car is under it by chance

    Remember that there's 8 days to Christmas

    And that's good reason to dance.

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  • 18

    Way better than figure skating

    If you don't know what you want

    To find under Christmas tree

    Sure don't ask for a swinging time

    As this you can get for free

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  • 19

    Chicken with bacon.

    There will be lot of food,

    More than you can digest

    But in my opinion

    Bacon is still the best

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  • 20

    I wonder which one is Baltazar

    Five guys named Moe

    Instead of Three Kings.

    Instead of gold

    They brought The Swing.

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  • 21

    Mariah Carey Big Band

    Swing is great,

    Swing is cool

    Even Mariah Carey

    Swings sometimes too.

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  • 22

    This program is sponsored by number 3

    Only 3 days till Christmas

    That's what calendar say

    And if you asking me then

    24th will be your Lucky Number Day

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  • 23

    There is no Christmas without Bing Crosby

    Cool as an Ice,

    Hot like Santas' ass

    Those are the things

    I love in the jazz.

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  • 24

    This time a Haiku (almost).

    Christmas has come,

    Did you enjoy our calendar?

    Nothing rhymes with Retro Weekend Festival.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

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