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What could be better for the early-spring weather than 3 days of dancing Balboa? Join us 27-29 March 2020 to learn, social dance, laugh and chill out during VarCity Bal in Warsaw, Poland!


Olga Marina & Andreas Olsson

Olga Marina is from Moscow and was born into a family of teachers (language and music) and since early years has been an energetic live wire – studying music, doing athletics, martial arts and gymnastics. Olga has been teaching and competing all over Europe and is regarded as one of the best balboa followers in Europe.
Andreas lives in Stockholm. He has been teaching, competing and performing Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate and St. Louis Shag internationally for more than a decade. Andreas is regarded as one of the top Balboa teachers and dancers of the world.

As instructors, Andreas and Olga emphasize partnership, musicality and follow-leading abilities. They have an easy-going, relaxed way of teaching. They are known for giving well-structured classes and they always try to give their students lots of individual feedback. Their ambition is to create playful classes filled with interesting footwork, figures, fun tasks and laughter.

Valentin Ognev & Marina Pereleshina

Marina started swing dancing in 2008 and Valentin in 2009. First it was Lindy and shortly after – Balboa. They’ve been dancing balboa together since 2010 and are multiple Russian champions and prize winners of various Russian, European and American competitions. They started teaching in 2015.
Marina and Valentin are interested in history of the dance and care about its authenticity. Through their partnership they developed a unique style that combines technique and musicality, smoothness and dynamics. As instructors they like to break down movements and technique as well as encourage students to explore the dance and have fun.

taster teachers

Coming soon.


Intermediate – you know the basics of Pure Balboa and Bal-Swing well and you are comfortable with tempos up to 200 bpm. On top of basic transitions you know some additional variations.

Advanced – you participate in Balboa festivals and spent many hours on Bal dance floors, you are comfortable with various tempos, both slower and over 200 bpm. You are not afraid to return to the basics, because you already know more than one advanced transition.

Registration does not guarantee assignment to a specific level, it is only a help in maintaining the balance between the groups when organizing the event.
The division of levels will take place during audition with instructors on Saturday right before the workshop.

terms & conditions

1. Event that you attend will be named „VarCity Bal 2020”.
2. Organizer of the event is Michał Kwiatkowski Szkoła Tańca („Organizer”).
3. Filling in participation form you accept General Rules & allow Organizer to use your personal data in accordance with Agreement on Protection of Personal Data (Ustawa z dnia 29 Sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych DZ. U. Nr nr 133 poz. 883)
4. The festival takes place 27-29 March 2020.
5. VarCity Bal 2020 is dedicated to people over 18 years old. If a participant is younger than 18, written consent from legal guardian will be needed („Participant”).
6. In order to become a Participant of VarCity Bal 2020, one need to register via an online form available on the website and proceed with the payment stated in point 8. Payment has to be received by Organizer within 3 days from participation confirmation email.
7. Registration priority is given to couples.
8. Registration process is finished when payment is obtained by Organizer. All information about payment options and details is sent to Participant in email.
9. Cancellation procedure:
a) Resignation within 14 days after Payment – Organizer will return 100% of payment (subject to letter c))
b) Resignation after 14 days after Payment – Organizer will return 50% of payment (subject to letter c)).
c) Resignation after January 15th, – Organizer will not return payment.
11. Organizer takes no responsibility for Participant’s valuables or physical injuries.
12. Organizer has the right to remove Participant from VarCity Bal 2020 without payment refund if Participant is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
13. Organizer has the right to make changes to the schedule during VarCity Bal 2020.
14. Participant grants Organizer right to use his/her image on photos, videos and all other materials taken during VarCity Bal 2020. Organizer can use those materials for marketing purpose.